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THE FOREIGN WORKERS' HANDBOOK 2021/ 日本で働く外国人労働者のハンドブック(英語版)

PREFACE / はじめに

 An advisory service for labor problems is available at six offices of Tokyo Labor Consultation Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Many foreign workers in Japan come to our office to get some advice. Analysis of the nature of the complaints reveals that these problems arise from a lack of knowledge of Japanese laws or differences of culture and customs in daily life.
 The Labor Standards Law which stipulates working conditions, states that no employer shall discriminate against or favor any employee by reason of nationality or other status with regard to wages, working hours or other working conditions. The same may be said of related labor laws, for example, the Minimum Wages Law. Despite the existence of these laws, lack of knowledge of them causes many problems to arise. Most individuals do not fully recognize that these laws can be the means of solving or avoiding problems. Thus, this handbook was prepared to prevent labor problems and assist foreign workers to understand their workers' rights in this country.
 This book explains about essential legal matters, as well as related labor laws, procedures for residing and taxes concerning working in Japan. It's our sincere desire that readers will find this handbook useful.

  March 2021
  Tokyo Labor Consultation Center




CONTENTS / もくじ (掲載はPDF形式です)


PREFACE / はじめに(PDF/534.1 KB) 2~3
CONTENTS / 目 次(PDF/1.1 MB) 4~13
(1) Labor Contracts / 労働契約(PDF/1.5MB) 14~29
1 Application of Labor Laws and Regulations to Foreign Nationals / 外国人への労働関係法令の適用

2 The Principles of Labor Contracts / 労働契約の原則

3 Rules of Employment / 就業規則について

4 Employment of Older Persons / 高齢者の雇用について

(2) Wages / 賃金(PDF/1.1 MB)
1 Principles of Payment of Wages / 賃金支払いの原則

2 Guarantee of Wages and Minimum Wages / 賃金の保障と最低賃金

3 Decreases in Wages as Sanctions / 減給の制裁

4 If a Company Goes Bankrupt and the Wages Haven't Been Paid / 会社が倒産し賃金が支払われないとき

5 Annual Salary System / 年俸制

(3) Working Hours, Holidays and Annual Leave / 労働時間、休日、休暇(PDF/1.1MB) 38~57
1 Legal Working Hours and Holidays / 法定労働時間と休日

2 Overtime Work and Work on Holidays / 時間外労働、休日労働

3 Annual paid Leave / 年次有給休暇

4 Child Care-Related Rules / 育児関連

5 Family Care-Related Rules / 介護関連

1 Resignation / 退職について

2 Dismissal / 解雇について

3 Dismissal and Termination of Consecutive Employment (rejection of contract renewal) in Case of Workers Hired for a Fixed Period / 契約期間の定めのある労働者の解雇と雇止め

1 Prohibition of Discriminaton Based on Gender / 性別を理由とする差別の禁止

2 Prohibition of Indirect Discrimination / 間接差別の禁止

3 Special Provisions of Measures Pertaining to Female Employees / 女性のみに関する特例

4 Prohibition of Disadvantageous Treatment for Reasons of Marriage, Pregnancy, Childbirth, etc. / 婚姻・妊娠・出産等を理由 とする不利益取扱いの禁止

5 Employment Management Measures Concerning Problems Caused by Sexual Harassment / セクシュアルハラスメントに関す る雇用管理上の措置

6 Measures Concerning Health Care during Pregnancy and after Childbirth / 妊娠中及び出産後の健康管理に関する措置

7 Insurance of Effectiveness / 実効性の確保

(6) Workplace Bullying and Harrasment / 職場のいじめ(PDF/724.6 KB)


1 Power Harassment / パワーハラスメント

2 Liabilities of Assailant and Employer / 加害者・使用者の法的責任

(7) Labor Unions / 労働組合(PDF/1MB)


1 Organization of a Labor Union / 労働組合の結成

2 Formation of a Labor Union / 労働組合の組織

3 Activities of a Labor Union / 労働組合の活動

1 Industrial Injury and Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance / 労働災害と労働者災害補償保険

2 Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Benefits / 労働者災害補償保険給付

1 Employment Insurance System / 雇用保険制度

2 Employment Insurance Benefits / 雇用保険給付

(10) Health Insurance & Pension / 健康保険・年金保険(PDF/1.1MB) 104~115
1 Health Insurance System and Pension Insurance System / 健康保険・年金保険制度

2 Health Insurance Benefits / 健康保険の給付

3 Pension Benefits / 年金の給付

4 Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment System / 脱退一時金制度

5 Social Security Agreement / 社会保障協定

1 Public Employment Security Offices / 公共職業安定所

2 Employment Placement Services / 職業紹介事業

3 Worker Dispatching Agents / 労働者派遣事業

1 Status of Residence / 在留資格

2 Changing Status of Residence / 在留資格の変更

3 A Permit for Extra-status Activities(e.g. a person intends to engage in a part-time job) / 資格外活動の許可(アルバイトで働くとき)

4 Extension of Period of Stay / 在留期間の更新

5 Illegal Employment and Desportation / 不法就労と退去強制

6 Resident Card and Resident Registration / 在留カードと住民登録

7 Re-entry Permit and Special Re-entry Permit / 再入国許可・みなし再入国許可

8 Status of Residence "Specified Skilled Worker" / 在留資格「特定技能」
1 Technical Intern Training / 技能実習について

2 Legal Protection for Technical Intern Trainees / 技能実習生の法的保護等のための措置

(14) Taxes / 税金(PDF/876.6 KB)
1 Employment Income Tax System / 給与所得にかかる税制度

2 Income Tax / 所得税

3 Inhabitant Tax / 住民税

1 Labor Consultation Centers in Tokyo / 東京都労働相談情報センター

2 Labor Standards Inspection Offices in Tokyo / 東京都内労働基準監督署

3 Public Employment Security Offices in Tokyo / 東京都内公共職業安定所

4 Information on Advisory Services for Foreign Workers / 労働局外国人労働者相談コーナー

5 Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers / 労働局外国人労働者向け相談ダイヤル

6 Labor Standards Advice Hotline / 労働条件相談ほっとライン

7 Employment Environment and Equal Employment Department / 東京労働局雇用環境・均等部
8 Demand and Supply Adjustment Division of Tokyo Labor Bureau / 東京労働局需給調整事業部

9 Pension Offices in Tokyo / 東京都内年金事務所

10 Japan Health Insurance Association Tokyo Branch / 全国健康保険協会東京支部

11 Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau / 東京出入国在留管理局

12 Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau / 東京国税局

13 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foreign Residents' Advisory Center / 東京都外国人相談

14 Tokyo Metropolitan Health & Medical Information Center / 東京都保険医療情報センター

15 The Support and Communication Center for People Returning from China / 首都圏中国帰国者支援・交流センター

16 Venue for foreign residents to receive consultations on human rights / 外国人のための人権相談所

17 Bar Association Legal Counseling Center / 法律相談センター

18 Organization for Technical Intern Training / 外国人技能実習機構
19 Municipal Counseling Services in Tokyo / 区・市役所の外国人相談(東京都内)

20 Public Counseling Services in Regions near Tokyo / 県・市役所の外国人相談(東京近県)

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