About Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Employment Division

About Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Employment Division

Coordination Section

Coordinates plans and projects for work employment policy and other tasks

Employment Promotion Section

Liaises and coordinates and performs projects for employment measures

  • Employment measures for the elderly
  • Employment measures for young people
  • Employment measures for the disabled
  • Liaises and coordinates management of Tokyo Employment Service Centers and other tasks

Labor Environment Section

Liaises, coordinates and performs projects for developing an employment environment and improving labor and management relations

  • Investigates labor affairs, and provides documents and information
  • Assists independent coordination of labor and management relations, and labor consultation
  • Liaises, coordinates and implements welfare projects for workers
  • Public awareness for workers
  • Measures for Industrial Homework
  • Coordinates and assists administrative side jobs for municipalities and other tasks

Skills Development Section

Assists the promotion and improvement of vocational skills performed by business owners, and develops curriculum for vocational training

  • Affairs related to licensing and testing vocational training instructors
  • Accreditation, guidance and assistance for vocational training performed by business owners
  • Affairs related to promoting improvements for employment management, improving status of technicians and promoting skills, certifying vocational skills
  • Implementing public vocational training
  • Spreading business development for vocational skills
  • Assisting the maintenance of human resources and training personnel in the area, and other tasks

Labor Consultation Center(1), Offices (4 locations)

Implements consultations, investigations, and seminars for "Working", and other tasks

Vocational Skills Development Centers (4 centers), schools (7), branch school (1)

Assists training for human resources for small and medium sized enterprises and implements vocational training for job seekers and incumbents, and other tasks

Tokyo Vocational Ability Development School for the Disabled

Implements job training for the disabled, and other tasks
(City run facilities set up by the government based on laws for developing and promoting vocational skills)

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