Tokyo Labor Consultation Center

Welcome to Tokyo Labor Consultation Center HP!
Tokyo Labor Consultation Center is an agency of Industry and Labor Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We provide the following services: labor consultation, publication, information, seminar, lending labor-related videos, etc.

Labor consultation in foreign language: At Tokyo Labor Consultation Center, there are translators of English and Chinese in order to give advice and consultation to foreign workers. Translators are available as follows:


Iidabashi Office
Osaki Office

Kokubunji Office

Mon. through Fri.

Ditto. Ditto.
Chinese Iidabashi Office Tue., Wed., & Thu. 2-4pm 03-3265-6110

★Reservation is needed for consultation in person.

Consultation in other foreign languages
* System to dispatch a translator of five other languages
In order to meet requirements of consultation in languages other than English and Chinese, we have a service to dispatch a translator. Translators of the following five languages could be dispatched: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, & Persia. Please apply for this service in advance if you would like to utilize it.

Publication: "The Foreign Workers' Handbook" Please contact us if you like to have a copy.

★All consultation services are available free of charge
★Confidentiality concerning consultation will be strictly kept.